The Lid: Hillary Clinton's Feminist Appeal

Image: Democratic Candidates Attend New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention
A supporter of democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holds up a sign while Clinton speaks on stage during the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention at the Verizon Wireless Center on September 19, 2015 in Manchester, New Hampshire.Scott Eisen / Getty Images

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By Andrew Rafferty and Carrie Dann

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos... Kanye West told Vanity Fair "I sit in clubs and I'm like, Wow, I've got five years before I go and run for office and I've got a lot of research to do." Which also would have been really good advice for Scott Walker in 2010.

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Most political headlines were unsurprisingly overshadowed by Pope Francis's historic visit to Congress today, but here's an interesting tidbit that's worth filing away. In an interview with Lena Dunham (yes, THAT Lena Dunham), Hillary Clinton embraced the label of "feminist" and said she's "puzzled" by women who don't do the same. "I'm hoping that people will not be afraid to say, 'That doesn't mean you hate men... It just means that we believe that women have the same rights as men, politically, culturally, socially, economically," she said.

Much has been written about Clinton's public embrace of her gender and potential historic status as a first female president -- a noted contrast to her tactics during the 2007-2008 primary campaign. And the boost she has with Democratic women shows in the most recent Quinnipiac poll. With men, she leads Sanders by 12 points and Biden by 19 points. With women, she bests Sanders by 22 points and Biden by 29 points. Take Biden out of the equation, and she jumps to a 30 point lead with women over Sanders, compared to a 12 point lead with men.


  • Here’s NBC’s wrap of Pope Francis’ historic address to Congress.
  • Perry Bacon Jr. writes that the pope’s speech could turn him into a liberal icon.
  • And here’s reaction to the speech from around the nation’s capital.
  • From NBC’s Alex Jaffe: In a significant reversal from the start of his campaign, Jeb Bush is now beginning to embrace the political legacy of his brother and father.
  • Marco Rubio is hitting back at Donald Trump, saying the real estate mogul is a “touchy and insecure guy.”


CLINTON: In an interview with Lena Dunham, she said she is “puzzled” by women who say they are not feminists.

FIORINA: She campaigned while watching a pregnant woman’s ultrasound appointment.

In 2013 appearance on CNN, she said she supported an individual mandate to purchase health insurance.

SANDERS: He really wants you to know that he and Pope Francis are on the same page, Buzzfeed notes.

WALKER: Amy Walter has some smart stuff on what the demise of Scott Walker says about the rest of the GOP field.


“When I run for president, I’d prefer not to run against someone. I would be like ‘I want to work with you.’ As soon as I heard [Ben] Carson speak, I tried for three weeks to get on the phone with him. I was like this is the most brilliant guy.”

  • Kanye West in an interview with Vanity Fair


Values Voters Summit takes place in Washington, D.C., featuring Rubio, Cruz, Santorum, Trump. Carson and Jindal.

Carly Fiorina campaigns in Iowa, while Chris Christie, Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders are in New Hampshire. John Kasich and Lindsey Graham are in South Carolina.

Donald Trump attends “The Real Red State Rally” in Oklahoma.