The Lid: How Trump Has Become The Candidate Keeping Quiet

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‘16 from 30,000

In a wide-ranging interview on Tuesday, GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence told our own Kelly O’Donnell that his running mate ended the birther controversy last week. “It’s over,” Pence declared aboard the Battleship Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia. But here’s why it’s not -- Donald Trump still has not answered WHEN he changed his mind about President Obama’s birthplace, nor has he been pressed on his unfounded claim that the conspiracy theory started with Hillary Clinton during the 2008 campaign. That’s because the Republican presidential nominee hasn’t held a formal press conference in more than 50 days, NBC’s Ali Vitali notes. And he ignored a reporter today who got close enough to yell a question. Sure, Trump has done media appearances and has talked to reporters in that time, but the tables have turned between the two candidates when it comes to actual press avails. After breaking a 270-plus-day formal press conference drought, Clinton has been the more accessible candidate of late. It’s a noteworthy turnaround for Trump, who began his most recent presser on July 27 blasting his opponent by saying, “So, it's been 235 days since crooked Hillary Clinton has had a press conference.”



"So, Katherine, what do you do?"

  • House Speaker Paul Ryan to U.S. Rep. Katherine Clark, D-Mass., during a conversation they had at the airport early earlier this year. (Clark told the story to the New England Council breakfast Monday, saying Ryan sent her an apology note after the awkward exchange.)


Donald Trump and Mike Pence campaign in Toledo, Ohio.

Hillary Clinton campaigns in Orlando.