The Lid: The Impact of Trump’s Transgender Bathroom Comments

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This morning, Donald Trump sparked a war of words with his chief rival when he suggested that he opposes North Carolina’s HB2 law, saying that people “should use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate.” Ted Cruz fired back on Twitter that “grown men shouldn't be in bathrooms w/ little girls.”

Here’s one thing worth noting, though: Even if Trump is going to face the ire of conservatives over his stance on this issue, it’s unlikely he’s going to feel the effects right away. That’s because the next round of primaries are in states like Rhode Island, Maryland and Pennsylvania, where the electorate is relatively less socially conservative and less evangelical. But we might get a sense of whether the position might hurt him one week later in Indiana, a state where voters have already been through a bitter fight over laws involving religious liberty and gay marriage. By the way, a Reuters/Ipsos online poll out this morning shows that 64 percent of Republicans say that transgender people should use the bathroom of the gender noted on their birth certificate, while 23 percent say they should use the one that matches their gender identity.



“This is the last thing on my mind. I know it’s important to some but ISIL will kill us all.”

  • Lindsey Graham, on the controversy over North Carolina’s HB2 law


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump holds an afternoon rally in Delaware.

John Kasich is in Connecticut.