The Lid: It’s Up To You, New York

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos…After tonight’s high-stakes primary, the 2016 candidates will move on to other contests, leaving New York to labor in its typical modest obscurity once more.

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‘16 from 30,000

It’s a Tuesday, and voters are voting, so your trusty NBC News primary live-bloggers are primary live-blogging! You can follow along with all the latest from New York primary night here.

Some food for thought while we’re awaiting the results: If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both pull off the significant wins that polling suggests are coming, it will be another data point to show that TV advertising ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Bernie Sanders has outspent Clinton by a 2-1 margin in the state ($5.6 million to $2.8 million, and Donald Trump’s campaign has spent just $67,000, well less than 20 percent of what his GOP rivals have.



“So-called Goofy Uncle Joe — if you notice, I beat every Republican in every poll when they thought I was running. You notice that my favorability was higher than anybody that's running for office in either party.”

  • Joe Biden, to CNBC’s John Harwood


The Republican National Committee begins its spring meeting in Florida.

Hillary Clinton campaigns in Philadelphia.

Donald Trump campaigns in Indianapolis and in Berlin, Maryland