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The Lid: Mr. Second Choice

Nearly four in ten Democrats told CNN’s pollsters they like Biden if their top choice doesn’t work out.

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos…. A woman in Wildwood, Missouri said she found an image of Donald Trump’s face in a new package of butter spread. SO NOW DO YOU THINK IT’S JUST A ‘SUMMER FLING,’ PUNDITS?


With lots of fresh post-Elizabeth-Warren-meeting speculation about Joe Biden’s will-he-won’t-he presidential run, it’s worth another peek inside recent poll numbers to see what Biden’s potential Democratic coalition could look like.

Last week’s CNN/ORC poll of Democrats found that he’s the first choice of 14 percent of registered Democrats, after Clinton (47 percent) and Sanders (29 percent.) When it comes to the question of who would be best at dealing with the economy, race-relations and income inequality, Biden remains in third place behind Clinton and Sanders, although he leapfrogs Sanders to second place when Democrats are asked which candidate would be most adept at handling foreign policy issues. And about half of registered Democrats say that Biden should stay out the race entirely.

One place that Biden firmly occupies? The second choice spot. Nearly four in ten Democrats told CNN’s pollsters they like Biden if their top choice doesn’t work out.



BIDEN: Top Democratic donors have been invited to meet with Biden at his residence after Labor Day, the Washington Post reports.

CLINTON: ICYMI, the Des Moines Register editorial board had this to say about her emails: “ None of these questions will go away anytime soon. So, Clinton should drop the pretense that they are simply the exclusive concern of pesky reporters and her political enemies. She should be prepared to answer — again and again and again if necessary — questions that will inevitably come up on the campaign trail.”

A lawyer for Huma Abedin is accusing Sen. Chuck Grassley of damaging his client’s reputation through “unfounded allegations.”

HUCKABEE: He suggested last week that Martin Luther King Jr. would be “appalled” by the Black Lives Matter movement. King’s son countered that his father “would be very proud of young people standing up to promote truth, justice and equality.”

PAUL: Sam Youngman reports that Rand Paul almost lost Saturday’s vote allowing him to run for re-election to the Senate and for president at the same time.

TRUMP: He continued to prod Jeb Bush on Monday by releasing an Instagram video of Barbara Bush’s infamous “we’ve had enough Bushes” comment on the TODAY show in 2013.


“The American people want a discussion on the real issues, they don't really care that Marco Rubio threw a football and hit some kid in the head.”

  • Bernie Sanders on media coverage of the 2016 race


Donald Trump holds a rally in Dubuque, Iowa.

Jeb Bush attends a town hall meeting focused on veterans in Englewood, Colorado.

Chris Christie holds a news conference to encourage the New Jersey congressional delegation to oppose the Iran deal.