The Lid: October Ends in a Fury for 2016 Candidates

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There was a scary amount of news that came out this Halloween Eve. So before you go gluttonously revel in candy corn, we here at The Lid want you to know what to look out for in the days and weeks ahead……

TONIGHT: Clinton emails. The first batch of emails since Clinton’s Benghazi hearing was just released and an NBC News team is combing through them now. Previous batches have given us insight into Clinton’s day-to-day life as secretary of state but have failed to yield much more. But we’ve already found one where Clinton is asking about whether she can use emojis on her new Blackberry…so.. there’s that.

THIS WEEKEND: Jeb Bush on “Meet The Press.” With his campaign in turmoil, Bush sits down with Chuck Todd for an exclusive interview. It comes after what many saw as an uninspiring debate performance and Friday’s news that the campaign’s chief operating officer is out, the most high-profile position to leave team Bush since the announcement they would cut salaries and shuffle resources.

NEXT WEEK: GOP debate fallout. The RNC has suspended participation in February’s NBC News and Telemundo debate after complaints about the CNBC debate. Reps from several candidates will meet this weekend to talk about the debates. Donald Trump and Ben Carson have reportedly expressed support for the RNC’s move, while other candidates, like Rubio, have shined at debates and may object to the idea of less of them.



Your Halloween treat: The Washington Post has a history of politicians embracing Halloween (in pictures).

Trump and Carson back the RNC’s move to “suspend” its relationship with the NBC/Telemundo debate in February.

TRUMP: New York Magazine reports on how Trump’s relationship with the editor of the “National Enquirer” has spared him from the salacious headlines that have been dogging his rivals.

CLINTON: The first set of Clinton emails since her Benghazi testimony were just released.


“On this new berry can I get smiley faces?”

  • Hillary Clinton question about emojis in the latest batch of Clinton emails.


Ten Republicans attend the Iowa GOP’s Growth and Opportunity Party in Des Moines on Saturday.

Donald Trump holds a rally in Norfolk on Saturday.

Jeb Bush will be on Meet the Press.