The Lid: Opening Hours of Convention Highlight GOP Divide

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos… The GOP convention opened with chaos among the delegates on the floor on its first afternoon. It was all kind of like when Mom tells everyone that we are going to have a civil Thanksgiving dinner for once, gosh darn it, but then drunk Uncle Frank calls her a bad cook before the turkey’s even out of the oven.

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‘16 from 30,000

The floor at the Republican National Convention was the political equivalent of a Michael Bay movie on Monday afternoon, with procedural chaos and some walkouts breaking out as #StopTrump GOP activists unsuccessfully demanded a full floor vote that could have been a final shot at denying Donald Trump the nomination. The bedlam involved two loud and angry voice votes before pro-Trump officials announced that three states that had originally submitted anti-Trump measures had withdrawn them, knocking the anti-Trump movement below the seven-state threshold they needed to move forward with debate. For most Americans, the rules are complicated; what’s easy to understand is the video of angry delegates screaming “NO,” booing on the convention floor and accusing the RNC of “cheating.” The minutes of floor chaos exposed just how ugly the divisions in the party remain, and today’s complete shutdown of the protests probably intensified the dissenters’ anger rather than giving furious delegates a chance to vent and move on. It’s also unclear who in the party could be a balm to the deep anger among Stop Trump delegates. All in all, for a party that’s been desperately trying to push a narrative of unity, chaos on the convention floor before 6pm on the first day ain’t exactly a good look.


Here’s the latest from the convention.

Trump’s feud with Ohio Gov. John Kasich could backfire, NBC News’ Mark Murray notes.

Hillary Clinton on Monday called for "all good people" to speak out "loudly and clearly" against violence after the killings of police officers in Baton Rouge, NBC’s Monica Alba reports.

John Kasich said he isn’t ready to speak at the convention unless Trump changes “everything that he says."

Cleveland is bracing for violence and arrests amid RNC chaos.

And from First Read: Trump speaks to a jittery nation and GOP.


“The fact that I even went there was very much appreciated.”

  • Donald Trump speaking about his one trip to his wife’s homeland of Slovenia, in an interview with the New York Times
Party Crashers: A Political History With LEGOs 1:47


The RNC moves into its second day.

Hillary Clinton will address the AFSCME convention in Las Vegas.