The Lid: Paul Ryan’s ‘Apples and Oranges’

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos… Paul Ryan again tried to put White House speculation to rest Tuesday, saying that he will not accept the GOP nomination and that the party should nominate someone who ran for the job this cycle. Despondent Paul Ryan fanfic writers will now have to turn their lonely eyes to a new White Knight to save the party. We’re lookin’ at you, Jim Gilmore.

THE LID: APRIL 12, 2016

‘16 from 30,000: After the greatest “So you’re telling me there’s a chance” narrative since Joe Biden hemmed and hawed about a presidential run, Paul Ryan decided Tuesday to try again to stick a fork in speculation about his presidential ambitions, insisting that he will not accept his party’s nomination even in the case of a contested convention. Ryan has plenty of (justifiable) skeptics when it comes to shutting the door decisively on a big job opportunity, but we can say that he does have a point when he calls his reluctant acceptance of the Speaker of the House job “apples and oranges” compared to his hypothetical ascendancy to the presidency. For all the (somewhat muted) objections of some anti-establishment lawmakers in the House, Ryan needed no claim to a mandate from voters to emerge as a consensus leader in Congress. But when it comes to a very public, very well-covered and extremely contentious general election, Ryan knows that his chances of being embraced by the Republican electorate as a whole after more than a year of Donald Trump’s dominance of the race would be, uh, not high.


Anti-Trump groups haven’t spent a cent in New York, according to data from SMG Delta.

Paul Ryan announced he would not accept the GOP’s presidential nomination, but NBC’s Perry Bacon notes that doesn’t mean he won’t be campaigning this fall.

John Kasich issued a stark warning to the GOP on Tuesday, NBC’s Kailani Koenig writes.

Bernie Sanders New York mission needs to be to improve among minority voters, Dante Chinni writes.

While campaigning in the Empire State, Bernie Sanders went after Clinton for her use of super PACs.

And from First Read: Trump and Clinton have comfortable leads one week before the New York primary.


“I took the subway to work every day. I love the smell of New York.”

  • Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, quoted by the New York Observer about early years living in the city.


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaign in New York.

Ted Cruz is in Erie, PA, while Donald Trump visits Pittsburgh.

John Kasich is in Savage, Maryland, and Bill Clinton is also in the state.