The Lid: Spotlight on Carson Heading into GOP Debate

New GOP Frontrunner Ben Carson Surges Past Donald Trump in National Poll 2:33

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos… John Kasich ripped into his GOP rivals on Tuesday, saying he has “had it with these people.” Which could certainly make for a pithy communications strategy: “Kasich 2016: #SMH, America.”

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Our big sibling publication First Read wrote this week that all eyes are on Jeb Bush heading into tomorrow’s debate, as the pressure grows on the onetime GOP frontrunner to turn around campaign momentum that’s been heading in the wrong direction. But - especially after days of the drumbeat about Ben Carson’s new spot at the top of the GOP field, the former neurosurgeon is also going to be in the hotseat like he hasn’t been before.

Of course, you might remember we had similar things to say about Carson ahead of the second GOP debate on September 16. Back then, his candidacy had first begun to gain traction, and the consensus was that he needed to keep the momentum up to continue his rise. Pundits judged after the debate that Carson generally fell short of those expectations, but which - perhaps predictably - didn’t put a dent in Carson’s upward trajectory. But the difference now is that Trump is no longer the undisputed frontrunner, and Carson will receive even more scrutiny from both the moderators and his rivals on stage. Plus, a deeper look at New York Times/CBS News reveals Carson’s support is pretty soft. Of his supporters, 80 percent said it was too early to say for sure if they would support him when the go to the polls. That’s why Carson needs to view his performance as a chance to put the hard sell on GOP primary voters.



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“Do you know how crazy this election is? Let me tell you something. I’ve about had it with these people.”

  • Republican presidential candidate John Kasich, on his own party.


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