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THE LID: The Ten Billion Dollar Man?

Image: Donald Trump
Donald Trump answers questions surrounding his bid for the U.S. presidency in Albemarle House, a property of his outside of Charlottesville, Va., Tuesday, July 14, 2015. (P. Kevin Morley/Richmond Times-Dispatch via AP) P. Kevin Morley / AP

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos… Donald Trump’s campaign is complaining that the FEC financial disclosure form is “not designed for a man of Mr. Trump’s massive wealth.” We know just how he feels, since our massive intellect clearly can’t be contained by just one afternoon political newsletter, either.

THE LID: JULY 15, 2015

’16 AT 30 THOUSAND: Here’s our #realtalk assessment of Donald Trump’s “summary” of his personal wealth as announced today by the campaign: He certainly gets a short term win when it comes to the news cycle, but the proof is going to be in the FEC documentation when it’s made public. A quick scan of the political headlines shows that Trump has successfully gotten tons of media outlets (yes, us included) to blast out a headline reading that “Donald Trump Claims He Is Worth $10 Billion.” But there’s a real possibility that the FEC documentation could reflect a lower number. The campaign already played the expectations game today by complaining that the paperwork “was not designed for a man of Mr. Trump's massive wealth.” Bottom line: There’s a lot more to learn about his assets and liabilities, but don’t expect The Donald to concede to anything less than a Trump-like “HUGE!” net worth.

*** A programming note: The Lid will not publish tomorrow so that we can spend more time with our families, err....actually our FEC second quarter fundraising reports. See you Monday, folks.


President Barack Obama defended the nuclear deal with Iran during a press conference. NBC’s Halimah Abdullah has all the details.

And Obama weighed in on the Bill Cosby controversy, saying that “If you give a woman — or a man, for that matter — without his or her knowledge a drug, and then have sex with that person without consent, that's rape. And I think this country, any civilized country, should have no tolerance for rape."

Ted Cruz says that he’s “a big fan of Donald Trump,” per NBC’s Frank Thorp.’s Emma Margolin asks: Is Ted Cruz auditioning to be Trump’s apprentice?

And in a statement saying that he’s filed his FEC personal financial disclosure (but not released it to the public yet), Trump said he’s worth $10 billion.

The 2016 political climate makes the president’s efforts to sell the Iran deal to Congress a bit easier. First Read explains why.


BUSH: He will release the names of his campaign bundlers, the Washington Post reports.

O’MALLEY: He has raised $2 million since announcing his presidential campaign, writes The Baltimore Sun.

RUBIO: The New York Times writes that he has missed the most votes out of the senators running for president.

WALKER: Speaking about the removal of the Confederate flag on statehouse grounds, he told an audience in South Carolina: "You all showed how to bring people together for this region, this state and, in turn, you did it for the country.”


“If I say ‘Go to my wedding,’ they go to my wedding.”

  • Donald Trump, on his influence with past political candidates to whom he’s donated.


Hillary Clinton campaigns in New Hampshire. Donald Trump, Scott Walker and Chris Christie will also be in the state.

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