The Lid: Trump Ads Still (Mostly) Absent From The Airwaves

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos…Almost exactly one year after his initial Megyn Kelly “blood” comments, Donald Trump on Wednesday again started relitigating his feud with the FOX News host. That timeline puts Trump right on pace to revive his rivalry with Ben Carson come Election Day.

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‘16 from 30,000

Now that both campaigns have released some information about their July fundraising totals, we have a better idea of what each presidential candidate has in the bank. And in an otherwise turbulent day for Donald Trump, he actually had some good news to tout: Trump, along with his party, brought in about $80 million last month, a haul that’s not far behind the $90 million brought in by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in the same period of time. And he started August with $37 million cash on hand for his campaign - less than the Clinton campaign’s $58 million war chest but still much more respectable than past reported sums earlier in the campaign.

Here’s one reason that money will matter: Yes, it’s clear that the effectiveness of massive spending on political ads is being rigorously questioned by the results of this campaign (see: Bush, Jeb). But Trump is facing what’s nearly a 100-1 disadvantage on the airwaves through November, at least in TV airtime booked so far. As we reported yesterday, Clinton and Priorities USA Action have reserved a combined $98 million in ads through the fall, compared to less than $1 million for Trump’s allies. (By the way, it’s clear that the ads Clinton is already airing are not exactly escaping Trump’s notice; he referenced a pair of pro-Clinton ads in Daytona Beach Wednesday and relitigated the claims made in them, including his year-old “blood coming of her wherever” comment about Megyn Kelly.)



"Wouldn't that be embarrassing? To lose to Crooked Hillary Clinton?"

  • Donald Trump in Daytona Beach, Florida, today


Tim Kaine speaks at the National Urban League in Baltimore.

Clinton is in Vegas.

Mike Pence is in North Carolina and Virginia.

Donald Trump is in Maine.