The Lid: Trump’s VP Search Now in Crunch Time

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos…. Indiana Democrat Evan Bayh, who left the Senate in 2010 to become a lobbyist, is mounting a comeback bid to replace his onetime predecessor Republican Sen. Dan Coats, who left a post-Senate career as a lobbyist to run for his old seat. In a joint statement, everyone involved confirmed that time is a flat circle, adding “LOL nothing matters.”

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‘16 from 30,000

We’re truly in full veepstakes mode now, with Donald Trump seeming to chase new ideas like those Pokemon Go people running around looking for Bulbasaurs or whatever. (Let’s be honest, we had to Google to make that joke.) Over the weekend, he floated retired general Michael Flynn, who’s open to the job but got in hot water after suggesting that he favors abortion rights, a position he appeared to abruptly reverse today. There was also a brief Stanley McChrystal float, although he’s reportedly not interested in the job. All of NBC’s reporting still points to three top-tier candidates: Gingrich, Christie and Pence. Whether or not he comes up with a real surprise or eventually hews to the original shortlist we’ve generally known about for the last couple of weeks, the last-minute flurry of floated ideas shows just how much Trump’s sense of showmanship is playing into his decision-making.



“I think people are going to really feel betrayed.”

  • In a conversation with MSNBC, Jeb Bush predicted Donald Trump’s signature issues like building a wall and banning Muslims will never happen.