The Lid: Is Trump Winning Voters With Focus On ‘Deplorables’ Comment?

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos… A federal appeals court will consider whether states can bar taking selfies in the voting booth, which raises the important legal question: If something doesn’t get at least 10 “likes,” does it really happen?

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‘16 from 30,000

Forty-eight hours after Hillary Clinton’s health scare, Donald Trump has been uncharacteristically disciplined about leaving conspiracy theories about her medical state alone in favor of focusing on her weekend statement that half of Trump supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables.” His campaign even launched an ad repeating her soundbite, which lumps that portion of Trump supporters in with “the racists, the sexists, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it.” (Clinton countered with her own spot, compiling a greatest-hits-reel of Trump’s insults to his foes.) Trump’s efforts to stay on message are certainly noteworthy here compared to his previous habits, but it will be very interesting indeed to see whether this message turns out to be the RIGHT one. After all, his own ad repeats her attack about Trump’s encouragement of bigotry, potentially reinforcing its underpinnings to persuadable voters. And at least a *part* of Clinton’s argument resonates with the electorate, with a majority (60 percent) telling pollsters in a new Washington Post/ABC News survey that they believe Trump is biased against women and minorities. Yes, there is a big difference between calling the candidate names and applying those insults to his /her supporters, which is why Clinton’s comments were still an unforced error that could have very significant implications. But it’s unclear if undecided voters who are already wary of Trump’s tone will make the distinction or not.



“He complains about her health? What does he do? He’s 70 years old. He’s not slim and trim. He brags about eating fast food every day. Look at his health a little bit.”

  • Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid talking about Donald Trump at a press conference Tuesday.


Bill Clinton steps in for Hillary for a campaign event in Las Vegas.

Mike Pence campaigns in Scranton, PA.

Trump holds an evening rally in Canton, OH.