The Lid: ‘Walmart Moms’ Faced With Depressing Choices in 2016

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‘16 from 30,000

Nauseating. Painful. Screwed. Those were the words “Walmart moms” used to describe the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in two focus groups observed by NBC News. The overall feeling of 20 middle-class mothers who participated in the Phoenix, Arizona, and Columbus, Ohio, panels could be described as...well...depression over the state of the presidential race.

Multiple women called it a choice between the “lesser of two evils.” One equated the choice to “choosing which arm to cut off.” The descriptions of both candidates, which ranged from harsh to downright brutal, mirror polling that shows the two hold historically low favorability ratings. “Walmart moms” have supported the winning candidate or party in every election since 2008, except in 2014 when the broke for Democrats in the midterms. And though only seven of the 20 said they were leaning towards supporting Clinton (with eight either undecided or looking at third party candidates), nearly all of them said they think Clinton will win. But the overall disdain shown by these women towards this year’s election has us wondering if they are going to show up to the polls at all come November. As a participant in Phoenix said, “I morally, in good conscience, could not vote for either one of them.”


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  • Deanna, a mother of four in Phoenix who participated in a “Wal-Mart Moms” focus group Tuesday night.


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