The Lid: What We Know So Far on N.H. Primary Day

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos… Heading into tonight’s high-stakes New Hampshire primary, political reporters found themselves asking not who would surprise in the first-in-the nation primary, but whether or not you can say *that” word on television, courtesy of Donald J. Trump.

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‘16 from 30,000

It’s still early, but we’re starting to get some exit poll data that gives us a sense of some of the interesting dynamics going on here in New Hampshire. Here’s a number that stuck out to us: Bernie Sanders is besting Hillary Clinton with Democrats when it comes to hitting the ideological sweet spot. About seven in ten say that they think Sanders’ positions on the issues are “about right,” while closer to half -- 55 percent -- say the same of Clinton. About a third - 34 percent - think Clinton is “not liberal enough,” while about a quarter - 26 percent - say the self-described democratic socialist is “too liberal.”

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“It was like a retweet.”

  • Donald Trump explaining his decision to repeat that word he used at a rally Monday evening.


The Republican presidential candidates move on to South Carolina with Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Kasich and Christie all having scheduled events in the state.