The Lid: Why Clinton Needs To Capture Youth Vote

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos… Hillary Clinton attempted to appeal to millennials on Monday by warning that not voting “plays into Trump’s hands.” And if she continues to struggle with the important voting group, she may also need to start reminding them of all the exotic Pokemon that can be found near their closest polling location.

‘16 from 30,000:

Hillary Clinton on Monday attempted to take on one of the biggest threats to her White House hopes -- apathy. "Not voting is not an option,” she said during a rally at Temple University. “That just plays into Trump's hands.” That’s because, as our colleague Dante Chinni wrote this weekend, the Democratic nominee has a serious problem with millennials. A number of recent polls have shown she is slipping among young voters who are necessary to counter the GOP advantage with older voters. Some of that support has moved to the undecided category while others are looking towards Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Obama captured 60 percent of the under 30 vote in 2012, compared to just 37 percent for Mitt Romney. Chinni notes that recent polling suggests the alternative candidates, who garnered just 1.5 percent of the vote when their names were on the ballot four years ago, may be pulling from Clinton. The good news for the Democratic nominee is that she has the Obamas -- two of the best surrogates you could ask for when it comes to reaching young voters -- as well as Bernie Sanders on her side. She will need their continued support on college campuses to help win back the youth vote.



“Politics can be discouraging. This election in particular can be downright depressing sometimes.”

  • Hillary Clinton during a rally on Monday.


Donald Trump holds two campaign events in North Carolina while Mike Pence is in Virginia.

Tim Kaine will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live.