The Lid: Why Mike Pence Could Make Sense for Donald Trump

Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos…Hillary Clinton’s campaign will allow a contest winner to nominate the presumptive Democratic nominee at the convention later this month. Never one to be outdone, Donald Trump’s campaign announced it would hold its own contest, in which a lucky winner will get to attend the GOP convention and become the next chairman of the Republican National Committee!

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16 from 30,000

Today’s Friday-Getaway-Day-Before-a-Holiday-Weekend turned out to be as as full of new developments as an airport tarmac in Phoenix, amirite? In addition to the latest in the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch/emails brouhaha, in the last 24 hours, we also learned that Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie are being vetted and may be the frontrunners for Donald Trump’s VP pick. And NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell broke the news today that Mike Pence, also in the top tier of candidates for the job, will be meeting with Donald Trump this weekend. Pence could be the kind of conservative stalwart that the party’s establishment wing has been pining for, and a pick of the Indiana gov could help steady the ship and bring the party together. He’s got congressional and governing experience, can speak to the religious right, knows how to navigate the media from his years as a radio and TV host, and could make a pitch to fellow midwesterners in swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. Pence also has had national ambitions -- he abandoned his own hopes for a bid after the disastrous controversy over Indiana’s religious freedom law -- and the Trump Train could be his best hope of getting there (and avoiding the risks of a very dicey re-election race, too.) But with other big personalities in the mix like Gingrich and Christie, we’ll bet a hot dog and a Bud Heavy on the fact that we’ll see some more twists and turns before Trump gets to a final decision.


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“Turkey? Are you from Turkey, sir? Good, congratulations.”

  • Donald Trump responding to an audience member calling him out for not mentioning Turkey in a speech Friday.