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Updated 7 years ago
2016 Election

Super Saturday Recap: 2016 Race Moves to Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Maine and Nebraska

Cruz will take Kansas and Maine, and Trump will Win Louisiana and Kentucky, according to NBC News projections and the Maine GOP.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump addresses the media during a press conference on March 5, 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida.RHONA WISE / AFP - Getty Images

The 2016 presidential nominating contests moved forward with primaries or caucuses in five states on Saturday.

In the Republican race, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz claimed the first two victories of the night, winning in Kansas and Maine, while Donald Trump finished second in both. Cruz was the runner-up in close races that Trump won later in the evening in the Louisiana primary and Kentucky caucus. Marco Rubio and John Kasich finished well behind the two winners in today's contests.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders won caucuses in Kansas and Nebraska, while Hillary Clinton won the Louisiana Democratic primary.

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