March 15 Exit Poll Results: Divisions Within the Democratic Party

Divisions in the Republican Party have captured much of the attention this primary season, but the Democrats, too, are far from united.

According to the NBC News Exit Poll of those who voted across the five states Tuesday, only about half of Democratic primary voters say they would be satisfied with the outcome if their favored candidate doesn’t end up as the eventual nominee.

Among Hillary Clinton’s voters across the five states Tuesday, about half say they would be satisfied if Bernie Sanders were the eventual nominee, while about as many would be dissatisfied.

For their part, Sanders’ voters are similarly divided about the prospect of a Clinton nomination. About half of Sanders’ voters Tuesday say they would be dissatisfied with Hillary Clinton as the nominee.

One subgroup expressed particularly strong reservations about Clinton: voters under 30. Among those in this age group who voted for Sanders Tuesday, just one in three say they would be satisfied with Clinton as the nominee. That could have significant implications for voter turnout among a group that played an important role in Barack Obama’s successful general election races.