Marco Rubio Gets Backing of Billionaire Paul Singer

Frontrunners Carson, Trump Lead NBC News Poll, but Cruz Wins Debate 2:49

Two days after what has been called a strong performance at the Republican debate, Marco Rubio has received the backing of billionaire Paul Singer.

A Rubio campaign aide confirmed to NBC News that Singer has thrown his support — and money and bundling expertise — behind the candidate. The New York Times first reported Singer was supporting Rubio.

Soliciting Singer's support has been a "long-term effort," according to the Rubio aide. Rubio met with him several times over the last several months.

Singer supported Rubio in his 2010 Senate campaign.

The timing of Singer’s support couldn’t have come at a better time for Rubio, coming off a strong debate performance in which he appeared to outmaneuver rival Jeb Bush.

Rubio, asked about Singer’s decision at a Republican rally in in Orange City, Iowa, Friday, said he welcomed the support.

"When people buy into us, they buy into our agenda, and I’m glad that he has and it’ll help us with resources. But, you know, resources are not enough. You’ll have to have the right ideas, the right principles and convince voters you’re the right person for the job,” Rubio said. “But we’re grateful to have his help, obviously."