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The Republicans Opposing Donald Trump — And Voting for Hillary Clinton

With just two weeks until Election Day, the list of prominent Republicans who say they will not support their party's nominee continues to grow.
Image: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks on July 27, 2016 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.John Moore / Getty Images

Donald Trump's rise has caused divisions in the Republican party since he launched his candidacy in June of 2015, fractures that have only widened throughout the primary season, the GOP nominating convention and into the fall.

Some party stalwarts rejected him after his initial refusal to denounce former KKK grand wizard. Still more had had enough after Trump attacked the Hispanic judge presiding over lawsuits against his failed business venture, Trump University. Others cited Trump's attack on a Gold Star military family as the limit. In October, however, Republicans, including Sen. John McCain and vulnerable New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, fled Trump in droves. This time, the reason was a leaked "Access Hollywood" tape from 2005, in which Trump can be heard making vulgar comments about his treatment of women.

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With just two weeks until Election Day, the list of prominent Republicans — elected officials, former officials, former cabinet members, foreign policy experts, donors and commentators — who say they will not support their party's nominee continues to grow.

Some have announced that they will vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, while a larger faction have said they will vote for write in candidates (such as football star Peyton Manning), independent candidate Evan McMullin and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Current elected officials are noted with an asterisk. NBC will continue to update the list. — Liz Johnstone


1. Former Sec. of State Colin Powell

2. New York Rep. Richard Hanna*

3. Richard Armitage, deputy secretary of state under George W. Bush

4. Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman

5. Former Conn. Rep. Chris Shays

6. Former Minnesota Gov. Arne Carlson

7. Sally Bradshaw, adviser to Jeb Bush's presidential campaign (if Florida is close)

8. Meg Whitman, Republican fundraiser

9. Mark Salter, former aide and speechwriter for Sen. John McCain

10. Robert Kagan, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution

11. David Ross Meyers, former White House staffer under George W. Bush

12. Harry Sloan, Republican financier for McCain, Romney, and Kasich

13. Cindy Guerra, former GOP chair in Florida

14. Lionel Sosa, Texas-based ad veteran who worked for Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush

15. Ben Howe, contributing editor to the conservative website RedState

16. Jamie Weinstein, senior editor, Daily Caller

17. Carlos Gutierrez, former Secretary of Commerce under George W. Bush

18. Rosario Marin, U.S. Treasurer under George W. Bush

19. Richard J. Cross, III, Speechwriter for the 2016 Republican National Convention

20. Former Va. Sen. John Warner

21. Former New York Rep. Sherwood Boehlert

22. Former Maryland Rep. Connie Morella

23. Former Minnesota Sen. David Durenberger

24. Michael Chertoff, former United States Secretary of Homeland Security under George W. Bush

25. Frank Lavin, former ambassador to Singapore and Reagan political director

26. Phil Brady, special assistant to Vice President George H.W. Bush (1985-1988); deputy counsel to President Ronald Reagan (1988-1989)

27. Jim Cicconi, special assistant to President Ronald Reagan

28. James Clad, former deputy assistant secretary of defense for President George W. Bush

29. Tim Clancy, former chief of staff to U.S. Representative Sherwood Boehlert (No. 21)

30. Former Maryland State Sen. Howard Denis

31. Doug Elmets, former spokesperson and speechwriter in the Reagan White House

32. Miguel “Mike” Fernandez, Miami billionaire and major donor to Jeb Bush's 2016 campaign

33. Charles Fried, solicitor general of the United States under President Ronald Reagan

34. Diedra Garcia, Colorado Republican and former CEO, Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

35. New Hampshire State Rep. Carlos Gonzalez*

36. James Kunder, former assistant administrator for Asia and the Near East at USAID under President George W. Bush

37. Jimmy LaSalvia, co-founder and former president, GOProud

38. Jennifer Pierotti Lim, co-founder of Republican Women for Hillary

39. Former U.S. Treasurer Rosario Marin

40. Former Penn. State Sen. Jack McGregor

41. John Negroponte, deputy national security adviser to President Ronald Reagan; director of national intelligence and deputy secretary of state for President George W. Bush

42. David Nierenberg, former national finance chair for Mitt Romney

43. Richard Painter, former associate counsel to the president and chief White House ethics lawyer under President George W. Bush

44. Henry M. Paulson, Jr., former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

45. William A. Pierce, former deputy assistant secretary for public affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services; former press secretary for Congresswoman Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Congressman William Thomas (R-CA)

46. William K. Reilly, former EPA administrator to President George H.W. Bush

47. Nicholas Rostow, former special assistant to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush for national security affairs

48. Deborah Loewer, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.), and former Director of The White House Situation Room

61. William Ruckelshaus, Former EPA Administrator to Presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon

62. Scott Rutter, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.); former Chairman of the National Advisory Board: Veterans and Military Families, Romney for President

63. Claudine Schneider, Former U.S. Congresswoman (1981-1991) and first woman elected to major political office in Rhode Island

64. John J.H. Schwarz, Former U.S. Congressman from Michigan (2005-2007)

65. Brent Scowcroft, Former National Security Advisor to Presidents Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush

66. Rick Stoddard, Colorado Republican and Banker in Denver

67. Ambassador Pete Teeley, Press Secretary to Vice President George H.W. Bush; former U.S. Ambassador to Canada and U.S. Representative to UNICEF under President George H.W. Bush

68. Martin Torrey, Commander, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

67. Robert H. Tuttle, Former Assistant to the President and former Director of Presidential Personnel for President Ronald Reagan; U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom for President George W. Bush

68. Roger Wallace, co-chair of the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute Advisory Board and member of the Council on Foreign Relations; former Deputy Undersecretary for International Trade at the U.S. Department of Commerce (1989-1991); former Chair of the Inter-American Foundation (2003-2009); and former Deputy to the National Co-Chair of the 1980 Reagan Bush Campaign

69. Lezlee Westine, Former White House Director of Public Liaison under and Deputy Assistant to President George W. Bush

70. Grant Woods, Arizona Attorney General (1991-1999)

71. Larry Pressler, served two terms in the U.S. House of Representatives and three terms in the U.S. Senate, losing re-election to Tim Johnson. He was the first Vietnam veteran to be elected to the Senate.

72. William Milliken, Michigan’s governor from 1969 to 1983

73. Brent Scowcroft, lieutenant general and national security adviser

74. Louis Wade Sullivan, secretary of health and human services under President George H.W. Bush

75. Donald Gregg: Vice President George H.W. Bush’s national security adviser

76. Former New Hampshire Sen. Gordon Humphrey

77. Ana Navarro, Republican strategist and commentator, national Hispanic campaign chairwoman for John McCain's 2008 presidential bid


1. Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk*

2. Maine Sen. Susan Collins*

3. Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse*

4. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (2016 presidential candidate)*

5. Virginia Rep. Scott Rigell*

6. Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo*

7. Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker*

8. Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen*

9. Iowa Sen. David Johnson (formerly Republican, now an Independent)*

10. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan*

11. Mich. Rep. Justin Amash*

12. South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford*

13. Wisconsin Rep. Reid Ribble*

14. Illinois Rep. Bob Dold*

15. Dave Yost, Ohio auditor of state

16. Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger*

17. Mitt Romney, 2012 GOP nominee, former Massachusetts governor

18. Former Fla. Sen. Mel Martinez

19. Former Minn. Sen. Norm Coleman

20. Former Texas Rep. Ron Paul

21. Eliot Cohen, counselor of the Department of State during President George W. Bush’s administration

22. Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush, 2016 Republican presidential candidate

23. Former Okla. Rep. J.C. Watts

24. Former Penn. Gov. Tom Ridge

25. Paul Wolfowitz, deputy secretary of defense for George W. Bush

26. Former Oklahoma Rep. Mickey Edwards

27. Rudy Fernandez, former special assistant to George W. Bush

28. Former South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis

29. Ken Mehlman, former Republican National Committee chairman

30. Patrick Ruffini, Republican strategist and early #NeverTrump adopter

31. Tim Miller, former spokesman for Jeb Bush, adviser to Our Principles, an anti-Trump super PAC

32. Peter Wehner, GOP strategist

33. Liz Mair, GOP strategist

34. Rick Wilson, Republican operative

35. Stuart Stevens, top strategist, Romney 2012

36. Kevin Madden, former Mitt Romney communications director

37. Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard

38. Erick Erickson, conservative commentator, former editor of RedState, founder of The Resurgent

39. Steve Deace, conservative commentator and radio talk show host

40. Brian Bartlett, GOP communications strategist

41. Jay Caruso, contributing editor at RedState

42. Linda Chavez, conservative columnist

43. Mindy Finn, GOP media strategist, independent VP candidate

44. Jon Gabriel, editor-in-chief of Ricochet

45. Stephen Hayes, senior writer at The Weekly Standard

46. Glenn Beck, host of The Glenn Beck Program and founder of TheBlaze

47. Nathan Wurtzel, Make America Awesome Again super PAC

48. George Will, Washington Post columnist and Fox News commentator

49. Bruce Carroll, creator of

50. Mona Charen, senior fellow at Ethics and Public Policy Center

51. Dean Clancy, former FreedomWorks vice president

52. Rory Cooper, GOP strategist, senior adviser to the Never Trump PAC

53. Daniel Vajdich, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, national security policy adviser to the Ted Cruz campaign

54. Michael Graham, conservative radio host

55. Connor Walsh, former digital director for Eric Cantor, founder of Build Digital

56. Jonah Goldberg, senior editor at National Review

57. Alan Goldsmith, former staffer, House Foreign Affairs Committee

58. Stephen Gutowski, Free Beacon staff writer

59. Ross Douthat, New York Times columnist

60. Doug Heye, former communications director for the Republican National Committee

61. Brad Thor, conservative author

62. Charlie Sykes, radio show host

63. Erik Soderstrom, conservative blogger

64. David French, National Review writer

65. Jennifer Rubin, conservative opinion columnist for the Washington Post

66. Quin Hillyer, conservative columnist

67. Utah Rep. Mia Love*

68. Nevada Sen. Joe Heck*

69. Ariz. Sen. John McCain*

70. New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte*

71. W. Va. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito*

72. Ohio Sen. Rob Portman*

73. Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski*

74. Ohio Gov. John Kasich, former 2016 presidential candidate*

75. Utah Gov. Gary Herbert*

76. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley*

77. Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval*

78. Nevada Rep. Crescent Hardy*

79. California Rep. Steve Knight

80. Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent*

81. Florida Rep. Tom Rooney*

82. California Rep. David G. Valadao*

83. New Jersey Rep. Frank LoBiondo*

84. Minnesota Rep. Erik Paulsen*

85. Frmr Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty

86. Frmr California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

87. New Jersey Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno*

NBC News' Leigh Ann Caldwell, Liz Johnstone, Christina Coleburn, Anna Merod, Kasie Hunt, Vaughn Hillyard and Hallie Jackson and contributed to this list.