Mike Pence Remains Optimistic Amid Campaign Chaos

PENSACOLA, Fla. – Mike Pence – with 25 days until the election – flew into the Sunshine State to defend his running mate and level with the Florida crowd to back his ticket over the Democratic alternative.

“Despite the willful ignorance in the media about all things Clinton, right, and despite the constant, the constant attacks leveled at my running mate in the national press, we’re continuing to see momentum all across the country,” Pence said.

Though Pence suggested on Friday morning that evidence would be provided “probably in a matter of hours” to backup Donald Trump’s denials over the litany of sexual assault allegations against him, the vice presidential candidate provided no further details during his first rally of the day.

Instead, the governor said his running mate “literally embodies the spirit” of the country and is “willing to fight all the way to the White House.”

“Donald Trump just gets it,” Pence cracked, following that “this election is about big things.”

He went on a series of attacks against Hillary Clinton, focusing on pieces of newly released Clinton campaign emails by WikiLeaks, and he prosecuted her record as secretary of state, calling out Clinton as having “designed and implemented the foreign policy” of the Obama administration.

He followed by applauding “the patriotic Americans here in Pensacola.”

Pence held his afternoon rally just down the road from the Naval Air Station Pensacola, where his own son, Michael Pence, just recently completed his naval air flight training.

The GOP VP candidate also acknowledged the need for the ticket to pickup Florida in the win column next month, saying it plays a larger role in the race “maybe never more so than this year.”

The most recent NBC News/WSJ/Marist poll released earlier this month gave Clinton a two-point edge over Trump in a four-way race.