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Muslims for Trump? One Woman Wants to Get Out the GOP Muslim Vote

Saba Ahmed made headlines when she wore an American flag hijab on Fox News. Now, she’s fighting to put a Republican in the White House. (Yes, even Donald Trump.)

You might know Saba Ahmed as the woman who wore an American flag hijab on Fox News last November. You might not know, however, that she is a Republican — or that she spends much of her non-cable news time trying to convince other Muslims to support the GOP’s eventual nominee.

Yes, she says, she will vote for Donald Trump — and she hopes other Muslims will, too.

She’s the latest subject in our ongoing podcast and video series, The Trail Tapes, which tells the stories of people with unorthodox relationships to the presidential campaign.

Previous episodes have focused on a Donald Trump impersonator, a couple of precocious kids in New Hampshire, and a woman who voices attack ads.

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Listen to the latest episode below: