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N.J. Dems Prod a Defiant Chris Christie to Resign

Christie aides say Democrats' efforts to push him out of office have “zero chance” of being successful.
Wednesday, April 9, 2014, in Fairfield, NJ (John Makely / NBC News) New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie addresses the audience gathered at Winston Churchill Elementary School in Fairfield, NJ for another in his series of town hall meetings.John Makely / NBC News

New Jersey Democrats are mounting a plan to push Chris Christie out of the governor’s office, but Christie aides say it has “zero chance” of being successful.

Advisers to the 2016 presidential candidate say that the governor will keep on doing “hands on” work with the state government even as his political foes mull legislation that would require any New Jersey governor seeking the presidency – including Christie - to resign.

If that legislation passed, Christie would veto it. A veto override would require that enough Republicans in the legislature join with Democrats, something that has never happened during Christie’s tenure.

"It's impossible to respond to every bit of silly nonsense that comes from this legislature," Christie deputy press secretary Brian Murray said in a statement. "The Governor has been clear that he is never disconnected from doing his job as governor."

Christie’s team also pointed on Tuesday to his work with Democrats in the state House to provide a tax break for working families, suggesting that the success of his earned income tax credit proposal shows that he’s remained engaged with his home state -- and with the same Democrats prodding him to resign -- despite his frequent out-of-state travel.

Asked by NBC’s Matt Lauer last week if he would consider resigning his office during his run for president, Christie replied “I can’t imagine I would, no.”

Christie is struggling with poor approval ratings at home. A Monmouth University poll last week showed a majority – 57 percent – of New Jersey voters say that he should resign now that he’s made his White House bid official.