NBC News Entrance Poll: Clinton’s Win in Nevada Shows Cracks

Compared to Iowa, Hillary Clinton had a more comfortable win over Bernie Sanders in Nevada today, but the results of the NBC News Entrance Poll found the same issues are chasing her from state to state.

Qualities Matter and Divide Democratic Voters

  • Clinton continues to win big among Democratic voters who place a premium on experience and electability.
  • But the balance of voters who want a candidate they can relate to and trust are intensely dedicated to Bernie Sanders.
  • The importance of these qualities has held steadfast in both prior Democratic contests.

Candidate Support Continues to Break Hard by Age

Clinton won a two-thirds majority of Democratic caucus-goers age 45 and older, and a 57 percent majority of women. Still, Sanders held on to younger voters, getting 72 percent of Democrats under age 45 to support him. And Sanders did equally as well with women under age 45, with 70 percent of their vote.

Clinton Struggled with Hispanics But Won Big Among Blacks

Hispanics were a key group of voters for the Nevada race today as they account for 19% of the electorate. The NBC News Entrance Poll indicates that Clinton came up short and received 45 percent of the Hispanic vote, while Sanders landed a 53 percent majority.

  • The vote for Clinton among blacks in Nevada caucus, however, may portend well for her moving into South Carolina next week, a state where there are far many more black Democrats.
  • In Nevada, 76 percent of blacks cast votes for Clinton versus 22 percent voting for Sanders.