NBC/WSJ Polling Shows Clinton With Foreign Policy Advantage

Clinton Slams Trump's Attack on Federal Judge 1:45

Hillary Clinton will paint Donald Trump as "fundamentally unfit" for the job of commander-in-chief in a speech Thursday, calling Trump's views on foreign policy dangerous and uninformed.

And the former secretary of state's foreign policy attacks may be hitting Trump where it hurts, if recent polling is correct.

While Trump enjoys big polling advantages over Clinton when it comes to economic issues and shaking up the status quo, Clinton performs much better against her GOP rival on questions of international affairs.

This month's NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, in fact, showed Clinton with a nearly 30 point advantage over Trump when registered voters were asked which candidate would be better at handling foreign policy. Fifty-six percent picked Clinton, while just 29 percent chose Trump.

Among independents, just 16 percent said that Trump would be the better candidate to manage foreign affairs, while half - 50 percent - chose Clinton instead.

Clinton also had a 10 point lead (43 percent to 33 percent) when voters were asked which candidate would be a better commander-in-chief.

NBC's polling back in April also showed that voters expressed significant doubts about both candidates' abilities to manage pressure on the global stage, but Trump fared far worse.

Asked about each candidate's ability to manage an international crisis, Clinton got a “good” or “very good” rating of 37 percent, compared to a “poor” or “very poor” rating of 41 percent.

Trump, in comparison, got a “good” or “very good” rating of 20 percent, compared to a “poor” or “very poor” rating of 64 percent.

That poll, taken before Trump clinched the Republican nomination, showed that a sizable chunk of Republican primary voters harbored concerns about Trump's international savvy as well. Thirty-seven percent of GOP voters said that Trump would be “poor” or “very poor” at dealing with an international crisis.