Not Who We Are’ Group Highlights Trump Insults, Controversies

A group opposed to Donald Trump's presidential candidacy is deploying eight ordinary Americans to highlight Trump's past insults and controversies in this presidential contest.

The Not Who We Are campaign says these eight Americans -- including an American Muslim who served in the Marine Corps, a single mother who says she was taken advantage of by Trump University, and a disability-rights advocate who has cerebral palsy -- will speak out against Trump in key battlegrounds. The campaign is calling these eight individuals "The All Americans."

“As individuals, each member of The All Americans represents a direct response to one of Donald Trump’s most notorious and anti-American attacks,” says Not Who We Are campaign manager Josh Hendler. “Together, they send a powerful message that we need a president who will stand up for all Americans, not just the ones who support his campaign or fit his narrow image of what makes someone an American.”

One of these ordinary Americans is Ibrahim Hashi, who served in combat in the U.S. Marine Corps under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

"I'm a Muslim," Hashi says in a video. "I'd come back from Iraq [and] not be allowed back into the country," he adds, referring to Trump's proposed temporary Muslim ban.

"Donald Trump is not who we are."

The eight individuals are Hashi, Sherri Simpson (a single mother who spent thousands of dollars at Trump University), Humberto Niebla (a Mexican-American activist), Sam Lieberman (a disability-rights advocate who has cerebral palsy), Alicia Bonus (a woman who has Autism), William Matthews (an African-American Christian rock star), Belen Sisa (an immigrant from Argentina) and Almir Osmanovic (a Muslim refugee from Bosnia who served in the U.S. Marine Corps).

The Not Who We Are group is a Democratic-leaning political action committee registered in August.