One Iowan Attends Martin O’Malley Event During Winter Storm

Just one presidential candidate braved the nasty winter storm that hit Iowa on Monday.

And just one potential caucus goer showed up for Martin O’Malley’s last campaign stop of the day. But he's still undecided.

“The very last event of the night, we actually had a whopping total of one person show up. But, by God, he was glad to see me,” O’Malley said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

O’Malley was the only candidate not to alter his schedule due to the storm that dropped up to 8 inches of snow in some parts of the Hawkeye State. Republican candidates Marco Rubio and Chris Christie cancelled their scheduled stops in the state.

The former Maryland governor carried on with all four of his events. And it was his final stop in Tama, Iowa, that served as a microcosm for a campaign that has struggled to move out of the single digits in the polls.

Only one potential supporter showed up to the event that, O'Malley said, was almost cancelled. After a lengthy one-on-one chat with the Democratic presidential hopeful, the man said he is still undecided on who to support during the caucuses on February 1.

The man, identified as Kenneth in a report on the conversation, told O'Malley: "On paper, if I were to look at just the resumes, you would have the strongest resume in my mind. But then all this other stuff…I think those two other candidates, there are problems with both of them."

“It’s Iowa. People wait here until the last couple of weeks. They want to see the whole campaign play out,” O’Malley said. “So I wasn’t surprised that he wasn't uncommitted. But I was glad he took the time to come out in the snow to see me.”