Pro-Trump Super PACs have Dismal Fundraising Reports

The fundraising challenge for super PACs backing Donald Trump continues into another reporting period, Federal Election Commission reports show.

Groups have fallen short of lofty goals again as new fundraising reports show very modest amounts of cash raised.

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Rebuilding America Now PAC, which is run by former top aide to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, raised just $2.2 million in the last quarter, FEC filings show. This is far short of the $32 million Trump supporter and Republican donor Tom Barrack said he had in commitments when he helped to found the organization in late spring.

Most of the money came from one donor, Geoffrey Palmer, a real estate developer from Beverly Hills, who gave $2 million.

  • Raised: $2,160,450
  • Disbursement: $1,589,240
  • Cash on Hand: $571,209

The Committee for American Sovereignty, run by former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson aide Doug Watts had an abysmal showing, raising just $45,435. That total is after the organization had hoped to bring in $20 million before the convention.

Last month, Watts told NBC News that fundraising would come up "short of our prevention goal" but had hoped fundraising would pick up shortly after.

"Second Quarter filings are deceiving. Our PAC and its sister 501c-4 are healthy and raising funds through several channels and major donors, just not your usual suspects," Watts said Thursday on the recent report. "We are planning very effective programs in at least four battleground states. Stay tuned."

  • Receipts: $45,435
  • Disbursements: $12,203
  • Cash on Hand: $33,231

A third group, Make America Number One, run by the head of the conservative group Citizens United, David Bosse, has raised on $97 in the past month and spent less than $200,000. It has substantially more cash on hand, however because of carryover from a super PAC that previously backed Sen. Ted Cruz's candidacy.

  • Receipts: $97
  • Disbursements: $182,810
  • Cash on Hand: $1,144,922

A fourth super PAC, the Great America PAC, did much better, just surpassing their goal of raising $2.5 million for the month. They raised nearly $2.6 million in June, most of it from donors who gave $2,500 or less, bringing fundraising to a total of $5 million for the year.

  • Receipts: $2,562,367
  • Disbursements: $1,868,992
  • Cash on Hand: $1,194,345