Rubio’s Camp Cries Foul Over Anti-Rubio Website Posted By Ted Cruz’s Campaign

Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign is fed up. They are angry over the latest attack by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz that photoshops a picture Rubio shaking hands with President Barack Obama.

A visibly angry Todd Harris, messaging strategist for Rubio, marched into a Rubio event to show reporters printouts from the website, The website says it is “Paid for by Cruz for President,” and it depicts Rubio’s record on immigration, the Environmental Protection Agency, sugar subsidies and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It also labels Rubio “The Republican Obama.”

Harris had printed out the page on TPP, which names it the “Rubio-Obama trade pact,” featuring a picture of a grinning Rubio shaking hands with a grinning Obama.

“This is not Marco Rubio. This person — we don’t know who that is — but they photoshopped Marco’s face onto somebody else. This is how phony and how deceitful the Cruz campaign has become,” he told a gaggle of reporters.

Harris added: “The fact is, I don't even know what the fact is, that’s the point I want to make.”

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Harris did not deny that Rubio did vote for the Trade Promotion Authority bill, which gives President Obama fast-track authority to push the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal to passage. But Rubio has tried to triangulate somewhat on the issue, telling voters on the stump that he'll wait to see how the International Trade Commission evaluates TPP. (In reality, the vote for TPA was effectively a vote in support of TPP, as its unlikely Congress will prevent TPP from being ratified regardless of what the ITC decides.)

After that he will decide if he would back it. It’s not just a poorly-photoshopped picture, Harris said, but further evidence, of the “culture of dishonesty from top to bottom in the Cruz for President campaign.”

“It is reflected in what Ted Cruz himself says. It is reflected by phony Facebook pages that his supporters put up. It is reflected by calls to Iowa voters saying Ben Carson dropped out, and now the latest example, a completely invented photo of Marco Rubio, attacking us for holding a position that Ted Cruz himself held just a few months ago,” Harris added.