Ryan: ‘I Haven’t Made a Decision’ on a Trump Endorsement

House Speaker Paul Ryan says that he has not made a decision about endorsing Donald Trump.

“I haven’t made a decision,” Ryan told reporters in an off-camera briefing Wednesday. “I don’t have a timeline in my mind.”

Ryan and Trump are slated to speak by phone Wednesday evening. The two have spoken once directly since meeting in person in Washington D.C. earlier this month.

The comments come after some news outlets reported overnight that Ryan's endorsement of Trump was imminent.

A spokesman for the House Speaker shot down those accounts Wednesday morning, saying "There's no update and we've not told the Trump campaign to expect an endorsement."

Ryan, the leader of the House GOP and the party's pick for vice president in 2012, announced earlier this month that he was "not ready" to endorse Trump. The two men hold competing positions on some key policy issues, including entitlement reform and trade.

But Ryan says his team is working closely with Trump's campaign, saying that the two staffs speak "virtually every day."