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Sanders Campaign Suspends Two More Staffers Over Clinton Data Breach

The Sanders campaign says they "are still assessing the situation."

Two more staffers working for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' have been suspended in the wake of the revelation that the campaign had improperly accessed and downloaded voter data belonging to the Hillary Clinton's campaign.

The Sanders campaign communications director Michael Briggs confirmed to NBC News Sunday that two more staffers were suspended for involvement in the breach, which was made public Friday. Briggs declined to name the staffers, who he said were suspended Saturday after logs regarding the breach were handed over to the campaign by the DNC. He said the two weren't fired "because we are still assessing the situation."

Sanders' national data director, Josh Uretsky, on the other hand, was promptly fired Friday for his involvement in the snooping incident.

Documents obtained and reviewed by NBC News appeared to show that at least four individuals affiliated with the Sanders campaign were involved in the breach, which occurred Wednesday. It was unclear who the fourth person was or what consequences they might face.

The Sanders campaign on Friday said that taking advantage of a bug to access the voter data was "inappropriate." But the campaign also filed a lawsuit against the DNC over a "breach of contract" after the DNC disciplined the campaign by revoking its credentials to access its own voter data.

The campaign and the DNC reached a deal late Friday to restore access to the vital data.

Sanders said while apologizing for the breach during Saturday night's Democratic debate that his staff "did the wrong thing."

"This is not the kind of campaign that we run and if I find anybody else involved in this, they will also be fired," Sanders said.