Sanders Floods Airwaves in This Week’s Contests

Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has spent $3.4 million on advertisements in this week’s contests, including $1.3 in Arizona (which holds its primary today) and $1.4 million in Washington (which holds its caucuses on Saturday), according to ad-spending data from SMG Delta.

By contrast, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has spent $600,000 in just one state – Arizona.

Overall this campaign season, the Sanders campaign has outspent the Clinton camp in ads, $42 million to $36 million.

On the Republican side, the Ted Cruz campaign and allies have spent a combined $980,000 in Arizona and Utah, while Donald Trump’s campaign has spent $518,000 in those two states.

Arizona (March 22)

Sanders: $1.3 million

Clinton: $600,000

Cruz: $615,000 (from both campaign and Super PAC)

Trump: $344,000

Idaho (March 22)

Sanders $109,000

Utah (March 22)

Sanders: $352,000

Cruz: $364,000 (from both campaign and Super PAC)

Trump: $174,000

Hawaii (March 26)

Sanders: $217,000

Washington (March 26)

Sanders: $1.4 million