Sanders: It Will be ‘Hard’ to Win Nomination Without Delegate Majority

Sanders Acknowledges Path to Nomination Is 'Hard' but 'Not Unrealistic' 1:46

Bernie Sanders told NBC News' Andrea Mitchell on Thursday that it would be "hard" to win the Democratic presidential nomination if Hillary Clinton secures a majority of the delegates. But he also didn't say he would end his 2016 run.

"Look, if we do not have a majority, it's gonna be-- be hard for us to win," Sanders said in an exclusive interview. "The only fact that I think remains uncertain is if we continue to be running significantly stronger than she is against Donald Trump, or whoever the Republican nominee will be. I think that's a factor."

Clinton easily won her home state of New York last week and looks positioned to do well in a number of primaries next Tuesday. Pressure continues to mount on Sanders to end his insurgent White House bid as Clinton's delegate lead continues to grow.