Scott Walker Makes Another Move Towards 2016 Run

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has moved closer to a White House bid by forming a “testing the waters” committee that will allow him to fundraise for his likely presidential campaign.

The committee, first reported by the Associated Press, allows Walker to directly control funds for the campaign he is expected to launch next month. It is the latest in a series of moves the two-term Republican governor has made ahead of a 2016 run. In January, Walker formed "Our American Revival," a tax-exempt group that can raise unlimited political donations, and in April a pro-Walker super PAC was created.

If he runs, Walker will be among the last Republicans to join the race. Twelve have already declared their candidacy, with four more, including Walker, likely to join the race in the next month.

Even though Walker will be towards the last of the GOP to get in, he will command top-tier status. Most polls show him challenging Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush as the top choice among Republican primary voters.