Scott Walker Seeks to Win Over House GOP

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker met with about 100 House Republicans on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, engaging in a wide ranging discussion that hit on everything from foreign policy to why Walker doesn’t have a college degree, according to those in the room

Members who spoke to NBC News after the meeting gave Walker overwhelmingly positive reviews. A common refrain from members was Walker’s ease at conversing with them, which they felt would play well in a grassroots campaign and eventually with swing voters.

Walker touched on a number of issues including foreign policy and his economic agenda in Wisconsin, adding that it is unlikely any presidential announcement would be made before the state’s budget moves forward.

Walker, who has focused in recent months on beefing up his foreign policy knowledge, impressed members who spoke to NBC News with his knowledge of the ongoing situation in the South China Sea.

The Wisconsin governor was asked by one member why he did not graduate from college. Walker told them that he was offered a job and really wanted one at the time. He had friends with degrees who were not working and he didn’t want to end up like them.

Walker also hinted that the controversy around his lack of a college degree did not matter all that much as he’s found the majority of Americans (60%) don’t have a degree.

On immigration Walker told members he’d employ an approach to the issue that centralized on border security and said that was the first priority before any talk of legal status—temporary or permanent.

Most House Republicans remain undecided in the race and courting them will be an important process moving forward. Expect these types of meetings to be the norm over the summer with various candidates.

Every member approached by NBC News found Walker to be sufficiently conservative.

Rep. Paul Ryan told NBC News that while he helped arrange Walker’s visit he was “100% neutral” in the contest and would not be endorsing anybody any time soon.