Tales From the Trail: Halls to the Rescue (Again)

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Halls to the rescue (again)

HARLEM, New York – Hillary Clinton suffered another coughing spell during her speech on systemic racism Tuesday, but soldiered through with the help of a very supportive crowd.

Mid-way through her remarks, Clinton’s voice cracked so she paused and took a sip of water, popping in a cough drop while the audience kicked off chants of “Hillary! Hillary!”

This is at least the fourth time in recent months that Clinton has suffered a public coughing fit.

The most high-profile incident came during her marathon Benghazi testimony in October, where Clinton similarly found herself fighting back a cough during her 11-hour grilling.

Clinton told NBC News that she drinks tea and uses a humidifier to try to keep cough attacks at bay, but there’s simply nothing that can be done about the amount of talking she does during a typical day on the trail.

"Too much to say" she quipped Tuesday when the coughing started.

Today in Chicago, Clinton made it through her event without issue but it’s safe to assume she’ll be keeping some lozenges in her pocket in the coming days.

Just another TV crew on the corner

BEAUFORT, S.C. -- Hours before Jeb Bush's blue campaign bus rolled into downtown Beaufort, Peter Alexander and I were set up on the corner for morning live shots.

Jordan Frasier/NBC News

Shortly after Peter finished with the TODAY show, friendly South Carolinians sought out our corner to come say hello -- including a group of local knitters who were set up in a shop across the street.

Many of the people we met had tried and failed to attend a Donald Trump rally last night that had reached capacity and while they told us about that experience we also pulled out some great breakfast recommendation that led Peter and I to some delicious bagels.