Tales From the Trail: An Invite to the Trump Formal

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Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago victory speech was delivered from a typically Trump, glitzy, golden ballroom. But the gilded bathroom fixtures weren't the only things that caught the eye.

At each of these election night gatherings, of which Tuesday evening was the fourth, guests show up dressed to impress. Some wear tuxedos and cocktail dresses; others take a more lighthearted and creative approach. In either instance, many take the opportunity to use the walkways around the press area as a runway - showing off their pro-Trump swag, flaunting their fashion sense, and mingling with reporters to talk about "Donald."

One woman, decked in diamond earrings and sporting a sparkling sapphire at the center of her chest, responded to my compliment on her jewelry by proudly informing me she bought them for herself. When I congratulated her - one independent woman to another - she offered to advise me on how I could do the same.

Another attendee went a more fashion-forward route, capping off her look with a light up, star-topped Make America Great Again hat. Around the edges, Trump's name was written on squares of paper that hung from strings attached to the straw hat. The star spangled hat was paired with a black cocktail dress.

The crowd was treated to a cocktail party outside prior to Trump's remarks and filed inside as election results were being called. From 16 rows back, it felt like we were there as observers of a high society ball rather than a political event for the potential Republican nominee. The event was billed as a press conference but Trump took no questions from the press.

-- Ali Vitali covering the Trump campaign