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Tales From the Trail: Waiting for Bill Clinton...

At first glance, you might think they are stragglers who didn’t get the message that it’s time to go home.
Image: Hillary Clinton Campaigns In South Carolina Ahead Of Primary
A man carries a book "My Life" by Bill Clinton to a campaign event with Democratic Presidential candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on February 24, 2016 in Sumter, South Carolina. Last Saturday, the South Carolina GOP Presidential Primary shattered records with 137,092 more votes cast than in any previous primary. The Democratic presidential primary is scheduled to take place on February 27. (Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)Mark Makela / Getty Images

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Waiting for Bill Clinton...

At first glance, you might think they are stragglers who didn’t get the message that it’s time to go home.

Bill Clinton and his Secret Service protection have long since left the stage. Chairs are empty and being folded. The once blaring music is now off. And still, a handful of people wait by what was once the ropeline like super fans desperately hoping for a second encore that will never come.

It can be weird… to the untrained eye.

Several minutes before, Bill Clinton was working the ropeline. He had just given a fiery speech, earning much applause, and then greeted the people lined up against the barricade blocking the stage. As he made his way down the line, people shook his hand, took pictures with him, and sometimes handed him items to sign.

That’s what brings us to this little-known phenomenon that happens after many events.

When people hand books, magazines, and photos to Clinton, an aide takes the item. He or she then puts a sticky note with the person’s name on it, and brings it behind the stage. Before the former president leaves the venue, he signs the items left for him. Several minutes later, the staffer returns with the stack of items and calls people’s name one-by-one to get their autographed memorabilia.

And the expressions on their faces when they see the signature of the former president can be priceless.

-- Shaquille Brewster following Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton Confronted by Black Lives Matter Activist

CHARLESTON, S.C. – A new video released Thursday shows a tense encounter over racial issues between Hillary Clinton and a Black Lives Matter activist during her remarks at a private fundraiser here.

Protester Ashley Williams confronted Clinton about criminal justice on Wednesday and, in the video, is seen holding a banner that says “We have to bring them to heel,” a reference to a Clinton quote about at-risk youth in 1996.

Williams tells Clinton she wants her to “apologize for mass incarceration” and Clinton says, “Ok, we’ll talk about it.”

But Williams presses on and continues to repeat that she is “not a super predator.”

A visibly frustrated Clinton asks Williams to stop talking so that she can explain her position. Eventually, Williams is escorted out and Clinton says, “Ok, back to the issues.”

Clinton has been interrupted by BLM activists several times on the trail, but this is the first instance in which video has surfaced of a confrontation at a private fundraiser, where the protesters had to pay to get in.

The video kicked off the hashtag #WhichHillary, which has been trending nationally on Twitter all day.

-- Monica Alba covering the Clinton campaign