Team Trump Preaches Unity Message After Tumultuous Weekend

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Donald Trump's campaign insisted running mate Mike Pence would be staying on the ticket, despite a tumultuous weekend of friction between the pair that saw each denounce the other’s past comments, as well as the abrupt cancellation of a fundraiser by Pence.

Jason Miller, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, told reporters in the spin room after the second presidential debate Sunday that the relationship “couldn’t be stronger,” suggesting that anything to the contrary was “silly nonsense.”

“This is the most united ticket that we've ever seen,” said Miller, according to Politico. “Mr. Trump and Gov. Pence talk every single day. This is a great ticket.”

Miller’s assertion contradicted a statement from Trump himself, who just a little while earlier said that he and Pence “haven’t spoken” on battling ISIS in Syria — a policy on which the running mates disagree.

Last week, Pence said in the vice presidential debate that the U.S. “should be prepared to use military force to strike military targets of the Assad regime,” should Russian provocation in the country continue.

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But asked about those comments Sunday, Trump replied: “He and I haven’t spoken and we disagree.”

Trump added: “I think it would be great if we get along with Russia because we could fight ISIS together.”

Pence, at least publicly, wasn’t fazed by the clash, taking to Twitter after the debate to enthusiastically congratulate his running mate.

A campaign source also confirmed to NBC News that the two talked on the phone after the debate.

But Syria wasn’t the only area that appeared to be pulling the Republican candidates apart over the weekend.

After leaked video from 2005 showed Trump boasting about sexually assaulting women, Pence said Saturday in a statement: “I do not condone his remarks and cannot defend them.”

Pence later canceled a Monday fundraiser in Ocean County, New Jersey, without explanation.

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