There Might Be Another: Rep. Peter King Might Launch White House Bid

Rep. Peter King is another Republican who has not ruled out a presidential bid. He said Thursday that he's "still looking at it" and that he'll make a decision in the next month.

The New York congressman noted on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports that he's been to New Hampshire "about nine" times.

King, who is the former head of the House Homeland Security Committee, prioritizes the issue of national security. He said Sen. Rand Paul, who is often at odds with his more hawkish party on the issue, "does not belong int he Republican Party when he carries that message."

"We can't allow the Republican party to fall into the hands of those who are anti-defense and who are weak on national security," King said.

Fellow New Yorker, former Governor George Pataki announced his run for the White House Thursday, making him the 8th Republican to join the race.

- Leigh Ann Caldwell