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The Trail Tapes: The Female Voice of Ted Cruz

In this episode of The Trail Tapes we meet voiceover actor Laurel Katz, the female voice behind some pro-Ted Cruz ads.

We hear them every day during election season. But we rarely hear from them. Tucked somewhere between the bevy of super PACs, media consultants and piles of money, behind the sound-proof glass of recording booths across the country, voiceover actors toil to make your blood boil. (Or, in the less likely chance that they get to record a positive ad: they vocalize to make you sympathize. Sorry that that rhyme was a bit of a stretch.)

Laurel Katz is one such actor; she has been a part of American politics for more than fifteen years, but you just didn’t know it. (Unless, of course, you remember her from this 2004 takedown of Howard Dean?) And in this third episode of The Trail Tapes, which profiles people with unorthodox relationships to the 2016 presidential campaign, she took us behind-the-scenes to see what goes into recording a pro-Ted Cruz, anti-Donald Trump attack ad, how she approaches her craft, and if she always agrees with what she’s saying.

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