Trump Calls Out US Leaders’ ‘Stupidity’ After Kidnapping in Iraq

CONCORD, N.H. – Presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday reacted to reports that three Americans were kidnapped in Iraq by calling out what he sees as “the weakness and the stupidity of our leaders.”

“So this morning I understand they did three kidnappings in Iraq, now they’re going to say, 'Oh, give us billions, give us billions,” Trump told an audience gathered in a gymnasium in New Hampshire’s Concord High School. “You know once you do this and you allow this to happen, it’s a very, very bad thing going, it’s very bad and when they see the weakness and the stupidity of our leaders, it’s not a good situation folks. We have to change and we can change fast, we can change gears like you wouldn’t believe.”

The U.S. State Department is working to locate the Americans who were reported kidnapped in Baghdad over the weekend.

Trump has increasingly been hitting the Obama administration for what he feels are poor deals with the nation’s national security – the nuclear agreement made with Iran, the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange, and the recent Iran deal to release American prisoners.

"You look at this Iran deal, where $150 billion, we get our prisoners back, but they get far more back than we do,” Trump said Monday of the prisoner release. "They get access to oil, they can sell oil, they get access – they get everything, we get nothing, we get nothing and this is what happens."