Trump Has Strongest Fundraising Month in September

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has his strongest fundraising month of the campaign yet, bringing in $54.7 million, according to the latest Federal Election Committee filings.

Trump's haul is nearly $13 million more than he raised in August, which had previously been his best fundraising month.

Democrat Hillary Clinton out-raised Trump, however. She raised $73.8 million - nearly $20 million more than Trump.

Clinton also has the cash-on-hand advantage leading into the final weeks with nearly twice as much as Trump.

Trump's fundraising, however, is far behind where Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was at this point four years ago. Romney had raised $77.1 million in September of 2012. Trump did, however, spend more than Romney did during the same time in 2012, spending $70.2 million. And President Barack Obama bested them all.

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Raised: $54.7m
Spent: $70.2m
Cash on Hand: $34.8m
Raised: $41.8m
Spent: $29.9m
Cash on Hand: $50.3m
Raised: $77.7m
Spent $65m
Cash on Hand $63.1m
Raised: $126.1 m
Spent $115.6m
Cash on Hand: $99.3m
Other notable tidbits from Trump's fundraising reports:
-Digital firm Giles-Parscale was paid $20.6 million from Trump in September, which is a massive amount of money for digital advertising and fundraising, bringing this the firm's total to more than $40 million in the past three months.
-Former Campaign Manger Corey Lewandowski's firm, Green Monster Consulting, was paid a total of $10,000 in two payments in September. The last payment was on September 26. The Trump camp reported on September 29 that Lewandowski, who left the campaign in June and is working for CNN, would no longer paid.
-Payments to Trump properties:
  • The Trump campaign paid his airline, TAG Air, $757,000 for chartering him around the country.
  • The Trump campaign paid $19,100 to Trump property Doral Miami
  • The Trump campaign paid $21,945 to Trump restaurants, Trump Las Vegas, Trump Chicago and Trump Park Ave.
  • The Trump campaign paid $169,758 in rent to Trump Tower, consistent with the past three months.

-The campaign paid $381,600 to Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway's firm, The Polling Company