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Trump Hits Cruz for 'Fraud,' Calls for Do-Over in Iowa

Less than 48 hours after an Iowa caucus defeat, Donald Trump is calling for a do-over.
Image: Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In NH After Iowa Caucuses
Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event at Hampshire Hills Athletic Club on February 2, 2016 in Milford, Iowa. Democratic and Republican Presidential are stumping for votes throughout New Hampshire leading up to the Presidential Primary on February 9th.Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Less than 48 hours after an Iowa caucus defeat, Donald Trump is calling for a do-over. The New York business man accused the Ted Cruz campaign of fraudulent activities during the Iowa caucuses, after controversial voter mailers and reports that Cruz staffers lied to caucus goers by indicating Dr. Ben Carson was dropping out in order to gain votes for Cruz. Cruz has since called for the firing of those people and apologized.

Trump took to Twitter to air his grievances against what he called Cruz's "fraud" and in subsequent tweets made the case for why he believed "a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified."

Cruz won Iowa with 28 percent of the vote with Trump finishing second at 24 percent. Trump, who was polling just ahead of Cruz in the days before the Iowa caucus, has argued that his second place finish was actually a success, especially when he was warned early on that he "would be lucky" to make the top 10 there, he told crowds in Milford, NH Monday night. "We did really well," Trump assured his supporters. But despite touting his success, it seems Trump is still trying to tear his rivals' wins down.

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Responding to Trump's tweets, Cruz spokesperson Rick Tyler said, "reality has hit the reality star. Since Iowa, no one is talking about Donald Trump. That's why he's popping off on Twitter. There are Twitter addiction therapy groups, and he should check in with his local chapter."

And Cruz responded with his own Tweet: