Trump Interviewed by Fmr Rep. Accused of Pushing Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Two men accused of peddling get-rich-quick schemes sat across from each other for an interview Wednesday night in Florida.

Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump was interviewed by conservative news host and former Republican Rep. J.D. Hayworth this week for Newsmax before a campaign rally in Sunrise, Florida.

Hayworth introduced the Trump interview by saying: "The way I see it, the GOP nominee has endured relentless attacks from the leftist media. So much so that they just cannot find the time to adequately cover the ethical woes of his Democratic opponent."

And ethical woes is something Hayworth knows a little bit about – the former six-term congressman was accused of being a “huckster” in an ad during the 2010 Arizona Senate primary race against Senator John McCain, one he ultimately lost by 24 points.

In 2007, Hayworth starred in an infomercial for “National Grants Conferences” where he told potential customers they can get “free money” in the form of government grants.

Hayworth promised viewers that “it is important to take advantage of the program” and continued, “it's not like winning the lottery, it's not like sitting back and suddenly, a thunder bolt. You have to take action and that's where the conference comes in. It's vital you attend the conference.”

The National Grants Conferences charged customers for attending, like another business seminar run by the Milin’s – The Trump Institute.

Both organizations were run by Irene and Mike Milin, who has had to settle multiple lawsuits after being accused of consumer fraud and violating unfair trade practices.

Despite the couple’s background of marketing get-rich-quick courses for three decades, Trump still appeared in an infomercial to promote the seminar that used his name.

“Get off your (BLEEP), go out and learn something,” Trump told customers considering attending the business seminar.

“Networking can be one of the great ways to make money. I mean over the years I've made a lot of money by people that I met by networking.” Promising a return, Trump told viewers, “networking is great ... the institute is a great place to network.”

Ending the interview with Newsmax this week, Hayworth asked Trump, “anything else we need to know” before they ended the interview. Mr. Trump responded, “no, nothing whatsoever.”

In the Trump Institute infomercial, Trump was asked for “final words of wisdom” for those who are going to attend the Trump Institute. He had a more colorful answer to entice potential customers.

“I think it's really important that you attend,” Trump said. “It`s a great place to meet people. They`re … smart, intelligent, in some cases, they`re beautiful or good looking.”