Trump Pledges to Release Medical Records Showing ‘Perfection’

Donald Trump says that he will release a medical report within two weeks that will show “perfection” in his physical health.

He tweeted his plans to release his medical records hours after a POLITICO article pointed out that he had so far refused to release information about his health.

If elected, Trump, who will be 70 in January 2017, would be the oldest person ever to become president. Ronald Reagan was 69 when he was first inaugurated.

Trump has boasted in the past about not having a regular exercise routine, although he says he gets plenty of physical activity on the campaign trail. He’s also pointed out that both of his parents lived beyond their mid-80s in relatively good health.

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Hillary Clinton, who is slightly more than a year younger than Trump, released information about her medical status over the summer. Trump has repeatedly questioned Clinton’s health and asked if she has the “stamina” to hold the job.

NBC's Ali Vitali contributed to this report.