Trump on Policy Plans: ‘Things Are Negotiable’

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Donald Trump has made his business savvy the focal point of his campaign. In an interview with Sean Hannity Monday night, he suggested that he's open to negotiations on some of his key policy proposals.

During the half hour long interview, Trump was asked about reports of the New York Times having a recording of him saying his immigration promises were negotiable.

Trump agreed that they are - to an extent, anyway.

"They're saying that it's negotiable, the wall," Hannity said.

"Everything – by the way, it is negotiable," Trump responded. "Things are negotiable, I’ll be honest with you. You know, I make the wall two feet shorter or something. I mean everything is negotiable."

"I mean, building it is not negotiable," he added.

Asked if the deportation of the nation's undocumented immigrants is also "negotiable," he insisted that he plans to "work out some system that is fair."

"I’ve always said we have some good people over here," he said. "They are going to go out. But we will work out some system that is fair, but we either have a country or we don’t. We need a border. We need a wall....There’s always gotta be some negotiation."