On Trump’s Last Day of Campaigning, Trumpisms Abound

1 More Day: Trump Gives Final Presidential Pitch to American Public 2:26

SARASOTA, Florida — Donald Trump’s rallies have always been a medley of classic “Trumpisms" - sayings unique to Trump - and somewhat random, tangential asides. His final day of campaigning is no different.

Trump Admires Mask of Himself for its 'Beautiful Head of Hair' 0:37

Here's a smattering of his top moments from his last day on the campaign trail:

  • He’s still really bothered by that Beyonce and Jay-Z concert for Hillary. And now he’s mocking rap music too. “So she got Jay-Z and Beyonce and the language they used was so bad. The language. The language was so bad. And as they were singing – singing right? Singing? Talking? Was it talking or singing? I don’t know. But the language by both, but the language was so bad that many of the people left.”
  • Trump admits that both he and Clinton are doing “fine” in the polls, but he can’t quite get why. “I see she’s doing fine, I’m doing fine in the polls and all this, I don’t know how. Nobody goes to her rallies.”
  • With the understatement of his campaign, he assessed that it’s been “some campaign…I did my thing, I mean, I worked.”
  • Trump spotted a mask of himself in the crowd and held it up, for a side by side comparison. “Look at this mask. Look at this mask. Oh wow, wow that’s beautiful. Look at that. Looks just like me!” He exclaimed. “Nice head of hair, I’ll say that”
  • It felt almost like a souvenir parade at this point. Trump shouted out firefighters for their hard work and then rejected passed-from-the-crowd fireman’s helmet on stage. “I was all set to put it on and then I see it’s about twenty years old and this sucker has been used! No way I’m putting that on."
  • He shouted out the wall. “Yes, we will build a great wall and yes, Mexico will pay for the wall.”
  • If he wins, change begins on Election Day. “We don’t take office until mid-January,” he noted, but “the whole psyche will change as of tomorrow. Right? This guy knows.”
  • Upon seeing a baby, dressed in a “cute” elephant costume, Trump congratulated the father. “Good job Daddy, wow.”
  • An extended riff on winning too much: "We will start winning again and winning like you’ve never seen before. I’ll tell you, we’re gonna win again. In fact, the people of Florida may get tired of it. You may say ‘oh this guy, he wins too much, we can’t take it. He wins too much.’ You’ll send your emissary. ‘Please Mr. President, the people of Florida just don’t want to win this much. It’s true. You’re winning on trade, you’re bringing back jobs, you’re winning at the border, the military is unbelievable, it’s too much.’ And I’ll say ‘sorry folks, we’re gonna keep on winning’ right?"
  • "She gets, illegally, illegally, she gets the questions to the debate. She then takes those questions and gives them to crooked Hillary Clinton," Trump says of recent revelations from Wikileaks. "Now does crooked Hillary report it? Does she say, I shouldn't' have these questions, or these answers? I think they gave them the answers also right. No, she doesn't. I wonder if she had, I wonder if she had the questions in my debates. I don't think so cause she didn't do that well."

  • Trump says he gets bigger crowds than JayZ and Bey: "Jay Z, I like them, I like them and you know that they do, I get bigger crowds then they do. It's true. I get far bigger crowds."

  • He says Election Day will be "Brexit plus, plus, plus."