2016 Election

Trump’s Tweets After Tragedy Often Strike Self-Congratulatory Notes

Hours after the shooting at an Orlando club that left at least 50 dead this weekend, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump once again doled out his reaction to a devastating event, sounding off in a series of tweets to his nearly nine million Twitter followers.

Trump's real-time Twitter reaction to tragedy offers a rare and telling glimpse into the mind of the candidate. Tragedy after tragedy, Trump has quickly pivoted from the appearance of mourning to self-aggrandizement or petty attacks.

Below is a summary of Trump's tweets after the Bataclan, Brussels, San Bernardino, and the Charleston church shootings.


Trump tweeted condolences two hours after he congratulated himself twice for his strategy on ISIS.


Over an hour after the news broke, Trump attacked Hillary Clinton and touted his own poll numbers. It took another 20 minutes for him to acknowledge the attacks with a tweet cheering on cops and saying the shooting looked "bad."


Hours after the attack and hours before he tweeted condolences, Trump spent the morning attacking Obama and Clinton on Brussels while promoting himself. Later that night, he would threaten to "spill the beans" on Ted Cruz' wife.


He didn't weigh in on the Charleston Church massacre until the next afternoon - a full 15 hours after the attack. Thirty minutes after he offered condolences, he promoted a pre-taped appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe.